Michelangelo Antonioni’s international 1966 hit was his first English-language picture and a career-defining achievement for the late Italian director (1912-2007). David Hemmings stars as the handsome, ennui-afflicted fashion photographer who becomes convinced he’s witnessed—and documented on film—a murder in a park. Around him is the swirl of swinging Carnaby Street-era London—hippies, happenings, the Yardbirds (with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page), Jane Birkin, and a young, fabulously aloof Vanessa Redgrave. More than just a stylish existential, or ontological, fable, the movie’s also a detective story with sex and nudity—the closest Antonioni ever came to the mainstream. The film continues the GI’s “Biff! Bang! Pow!: Swingin’ Flicks of the Sixties” series. (NR) BRIAN MILLER

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