The Coup

Friday, February 8

In 2003, when asked the difference between being on a major versus an independent label, Boots Riley, one half of the revolutionary-minded hip-hop duo the Coup, told The Nation: “Because of my politics, I don’t necessarily think that the independent capitalist is that much better than the multinational capitalist. . . . ” Of course, Riley hardly needs to bow his head and launch a fist skyward for learned lefty perusers to prove his radical bona fides. During its 14 years of resistance, the Oakland-based the Coup (which also consists of DJ Pam the Funkstress, plus many rotating co-conspirators, including Tom Morello and Black Thought), has combined politically charged lyrics with funky soul-brotha beats, placing it at the vanguard of a social and sonic movement with shades of another Bay Area group—the Black Panthers. With guests. KEVIN CAPPS

Fri., Feb. 8, 9 p.m., 2008