The Physics’ Three Piece EP is available for free now.Time to heap

The Physics’ Three Piece EP is available for free now.Time to heap more love onto local hip-hop outfit the Physics, who, along with their Pioneer Square studiomate Jake One, got air-kissed on NPR for “I Heart Beer”: Until further notice, the Physics’ “Coronas on Madrona” is the summer jam of the year. Produced by DJ Nphared and featuring Maniac B of the Stay Hi Brothers, the laid-back, hair-blowin’-in-the-wind love letter to good bud and good vibes, off the recently released Three Piece EP, fits snugly into the grand tradition of the sun-splashed party anthems we all know and love, such as 2Pac’s “California Love” and, yeah, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime.” The Physics burn it slooow.Like those legendary cuts, “Coronas on Madrona” is as thought-provoking as a daytime nap, and that’s just fine. Not even Microsoft office mice wanna be challenged on a day like today. So, in the immortal words of Cee-Lo, “Just relax and ride out.” The other two songs on the EP hang tough, too. “My Place” is a ballad buoyed by horns about the business of getting busy, and “Jet Set” finds Monk Wordsmith dissecting the upward climb of a young black man in corporate America. That one had the potential to be a scowl-faced rant, but, as ever, the Physics–which also includes Thig Natural and JustD’amato–keep it light and bright, with Monk imagining the thoughts of the suits he’s meeting as: “You young and you black and shouldn’t you be poor?” (Check the classic Eddie Murphy clip at the end for the song’s tonal inspiration.) Another good look for the end (fingers crossed) of gray cloud cover from the boys.