Paul Wall

Tuesday, September 9

On his sophomore album, Get Money, Stay True, Paul Wall failed to impress. The Houston MC, DJ, and jeweler set up shop and hustled a bin full of rusty wares, from the painfully sloppy love letter “Tonight” to the throw-away hustler’s anthem “How Gangstas Roll.” At one point during the latter cut, he asserts, “My pockets keep getting bigger because I’m one bad”- and here, you know the white boy wanted to drop the n-word. Instead, he said, “figure.” Why? Because like so much of Wall’s work, however bang-able, the album never quite pushes past the arbitrary limits assigned by its maker. In other words, while he may act tough on wax, Wall’s ultimately scared of appropriating thug culture and blinged-out posturing to the point where his music- and thus, his persona- would actually become those things. But no matter- this show is canceled.

Tue., Sept. 9, 8 p.m., 2008