New York Rifles

When Portland-based band leader Scott Young was stumped trying to name his new garage rock project, Dandy Warhols frontman Courtney Taylor suggested “New York Rifles,” and it stuck. While there are no obvious conceptual links to the Big Apple or firearms, it is clear that Young makes a glorious racket that takes him out of the garage and towards a broader sound that encompasses Undertones-era punk, classic rock, hook-riddled pop, and just a smidge of twang. The band’s recently-released sophomore effort, Make a Wish (In Music We Trust), builds on the strength’s of their 2007 debut, providing the possible soundtrack for a Dirtbombs housewarming party. With Gackstatter. Photo courtesy Cat Joy Young. HANNAH LEVIN

Sat., Dec. 19, 9 p.m., 2009