Kernel of Truth

The sordid tale of your favorite vegetable

Thanks to the folks at PETA, Americans can view horrifying videos of where their meat comes from on the Internet whenever they choose. But what about an innocent vegetable like corn? Surely the origin of corn isn’t as sinister as the origin of the beef in a Big Mac? The new documentary King Corn purports otherwise. The premise is simple: Two friends plant an acre of corn in Iowa and then follow it from ground to mouth. In the process, they discover the troubling unseen reality of the modern produce

industry. The screening is free, which could make up for whatever tortilla-destroying harsh facts it has up its sleeve. One has to wonder if the Northwest Film Forum will sell popcorn at the concession stand before the show. Sour Patch Kids are probably the safer bet for this one. Or maybe some Sno-Caps.

Sat., March 22, 4 p.m., 2008