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What an Obama DOJ Gave Us, and What a Trump DOJ Could Take Away

The prospect of an Attorney General Jeff Sessions poses particular risks to Seattle.

Jamie Ford On the Bitter Talk of Internment in 21st Century America

“We’ve devolved, a little bit, socially.”

How $29 Million For Housing Went From Impossible to Done

The council just provided a great civics lesson in the politics of the possible.

The Marijuana Industry Is Not Excited About an Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The senator once said that he had no problem with the KKK until he found out they smoked pot. Yikes.

What Senator Ericksen’s Anti-Protest Bill Gets Wrong About Climate Disobedience

Many climate activists in Washington already face criminal charges — including felonies.

Teaching Trump: Post-Election Stories From Seattle-Area Schools

“They look at me with teary eyes full of fear and simply ask, ‘How did this happen?’”

Labor Unions Jump Into Density Fight, Saying Low-Wage Workers Will Suffer Under the High-rises

A coalition of labor and immigrant groups brings a new dynamic to an old fight over density.

A Bioregional Declaration of Interdependence

Interest in Cascadia has reached a new high. Now, proponents have to articulate what it truly means.

Puyallup’s Homeless Policies Earn Place In National ‘Hall of Shame’

The mayor insists Puyallup is very nice to homeless people. Residents wish they’d go away.

County Braces for Less Funding and More Homelessness Under President Trump

On undocumented immigrants, Constantine says King County won’t ‘ask for people’s papers.’

I-732 Did Really, Really Bad Among Late Undecided Voters

As in, 96 percent voted “no” bad. You can thank the Koch Brothers.

Trump Is Going to Be President. Time to Organize.

Banding together on important issues is vital to opposing a destructive agenda. Here are the local groups you can connect with to make it happen.

Puget Playground: Navy Announces Explosives, Sonar Training in Salish Sea

The Navy plans expanded use for our waters as a training ground.

Sawant Blames Trump Win on Democratic Party

The socialist city councilmember renewed her call for a third-party workers’ movement.

What President Trump Means for Local Transit Funding

Trump’s ascension to the White House puts federal transportation funding at risk.

140 Years of North Dakota Indigenous Resistance

Dakota Access Pipeline is another chapter in a long history of Sioux resistance to U.S. imperialism.

8 Little Fixes in the City Budget That Can Make a Big Difference

A few small-spend solutions that might just work.

Did a Divided Left Really Kill Our Nation’s First Carbon Tax?

The results of I-732 point to steep opposition, even from within.