Eric Pope, dressed as a Chewbacca / Beauty & the Beast mash-up, takes a break Saturday afternoon. Photo by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren for Seattle Weekly

Sad Chewbacca, and 11 Other Animated Characters at Emerald City Comicon

The 14th annual cavalcade of cosplay was everything we expected it would be.

This weekend marked Seattle’s 14th annual Emerald City Comicon, during which the Washington State Convention Center flooded with a cavalcade of cosplayers. Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren was there to capture just a sample of the dare-we-say super costumes on display. And, no, Chewbacca isn’t really sad. Just taking a break.


Brian Riendeau, as Nightcrawler.

Amber Brite, dressed as Qunari Inquisitor.

Storm Troopers.

Anna, left, and Melissa, right, take a break between panels and cosplay to catch some rest.

Wendy Lounsbury, dressed as Star Wars character Barriss Offee.

Belle gets a good look at Samurai Hello Kitty backstage during the annual costume/cosplay contest on Saturday night.

Urcela makes a face while listening to another contestant tell a story prior to the annual costume/cosplay contest.

Onslaught flexes his muscles to the crowd during the annual competition.

A woman dressed a Cinderella spins around to unfurl a pristine white dress underneath.

Jason Biser walks down a backstage alley as a male version Kayle from League of Legends.

Contestants line up on stage for the first round of voting.

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