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Pot Patient Database Ready In Nick of Time

Yesterday was the last day state authorities said they’d tolerate unlicensed dispensaries.

A state database verifying medical marijuana patients is now up and running, just in the nick of time.

As we’ve reported previously, yesterday was the last day on which unlicensed medical cannabis dispensaries were allowed to remain open. Starting today, only licensed cannabis stores are allowed to operate. Patients who have long relied on unlicensed dispensaries are required to use state licensed stores.

The Department of Health database, which is a list of voluntarily registered cannabis patients, is used to verify patients’ identities so that they can buy more pot of higher potency at reduced prices from licenses stores. As recently as last night, DoH warned that they may not have the database ready by today, the first day without unlicensed (and cheaper) dispensaries.

“Patient safety is a priority, and DOH is committed to ensuring that all marijuana and marijuana products sold are safe,” a DOH press release sent out this morning concludes.

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