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Photo by David R. Tribble

Is Seattle Doing Enough to Protect Its Tree Canopy?

For years the city has been neglecting one of the key elements of urban livability. Now, with development booming, experts are concerned and activists are demanding that it take the issue seriously.



The Love, Loss, and Cocaine of John Henry Browne

His long legal career has played out in the newspapers. Now Brown is telling his story in his own words.


Local artist Natasha Marin launched to help whites fight white power. Photo by Nathaniel Solis.

Reparations Go Viral in Seattle

Two new online movements offer white people ways to fight racism directly.


Map by Jose Trujillo

Top Hat: Like Monopoly With Downtown Views

Part one of our series looking at neighborhoods that might not be neighborhoods.

Map by Jose Trujillo

Higher Minimum Wage Has Had Moderate Benefits, UW Report Says

A team of researchers assessing the effects of Seattle’s new minimum wage say it’s helped a little.


Police Union Rejects New Contract with City

The secretly negotiated contract was a mixed bag, in terms of reform.


Inside Sawant’s New Tenant Protections Bill

Bill caps renters’ move-in costs; plus, a study confirms rents are high and landlords discriminate.


“The Status Quo Is Over”: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Demonstration Again Consumes Downtown

See scenes from the large gathering protesting the killing of black people by police.


Neighbors Blame Lack of Diversity on Low Funding

Neighborhood activists say they can’t afford better outreach, like translated materials.


More Renter Protections En Route From City Hall

A ban on source-of-income discrimination and a cap on move-in fees make their way through Council.

Race and Pot in King County

The King County Metropolitan Council has taken strong steps to insulate wealthy communities from marijuana, leaving poor minority neighborhoods to pick up the slack.


Assphalt: Do Rideshares Over-Rely on I-5?

Even when the thing is a parking lot, Uber drivers seem magnetically drawn to the interstate.