Samuel McDonough Likes to Masturbate Outside Coffee Stands -- And in Prison Cells

It's one thing to be caught masturbating outside a coffee stand in Issaquah, another thing to start up again in a holding cell minutes after getting arrested. Have you no shame, Samuel K. McDonough? Here's the skinny on what happened to this 31-year-old gentleman on the morning of Feb. 2.

It was about 8:30 a.m. at the BigFoot Java stand at 737 N.W. Gilman Blvd. Just another Groundhog Day. McDonough bought himself a cup of joe and then asked to use the bathroom inside the drive-thru.

But the two female BigFoot baristas wouldn't let him in, according to prosecutors. So McDonough finds a chair outside, sits down with his coffee, and begins to blow kisses at the women. And then out of the blue, he starts masturbating.

Well, you can imagine the employees' reaction to this. They lock the door, hit the deck, and hide inside the stand. McDonough, according to court documents, comes up to the door and tries to get in. No luck. The door's locked.

Police said one of the women said the incident left her feeling ill and "overwhelmingly violated." As for the other coffee-stand worker, "I've never been so scared in my life."

Issaquah police arrived soon after and arrested McDonough. According to prosecutors, he admitted to the cops that he acted "inappropriately" and "shouldn't have done it" -- though he never copped to masturbating.

Here's the good part: Later he's sitting in a holding cell at the Issaquah jail when a female dispatcher notices him masturbating again.

McDonough, a resident of Preston, faces a felony indecent-exposure charge. Prosecutors say he's been arrested on the same charge in 2006, 2008, and 2011.

If you'd like to visit, he's at the King County Jail -- doing what, God only knows -- on $50,000 bail. Arraignment is set for Feb. 16.

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