Cook Mike works on the Dope Deluxe, and the deep fried Avocado slices.

“BuiltBurger is another new burger joint, operated by another gang of renegade

“BuiltBurger is another new burger joint, operated by another gang of renegade burger-flippers trying to carve a place for themselves by improving on that which should be unimprovable: the classic American cheeseburger. As in a bad teen movie from the ’80s, imagine Dope and Built as two rival gangs of quarrelsome break-dancers fighting over the same turf of appetite.”Read Jason Sheehan’s full review of Dope Burgers and BuiltBurger, two of Seattle’s newest burger joints.Photos by Joshua Huston.Published on February 9, 2011

The Dope Deluxe – Two beef patties, with American cheese, tomato, onion, shredded iceberg lettuce and pickles.

The Surfer on avocado aE“ Beef patty, topped with fresh avocado and fried egg. As a side dish, the fried avocado slices.

A Dope chocolate milkshake.

Owner of BuiltBurger David Makuen. David told photographer Joshua Huston that he and his wife started BuiltBurger, originally selling the frozen patties nation wide. After they got multiple emails, with people asking them to please open a restaurant, he and his wife opened this first one on James.

The Chorizo aE“ A beef patty cut with smoky-hot Mexican chorizo, with chunks of roasted poblano, melted cotija, and topped with cilantro-lime coleslaw, on a toasted sesame-seed roll. And…mmm…potato beignets.

The Pinnacle Bacon Bleu aE“ Beef and roasted bacon patty, caramelized onion and Danish bleu cheese. Comes with tomato and lettuce.

A close up of those tasty potato beignets.

BuiltBurger’s focus is not on decor – it’s obviously on the burger.

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