SW Editorial Board

What Seattle Will Lose, and What it Could Gain, After Burgess

The council stalwart won’t run for re-election next year, almost assuring another leftward shift at City Hall.

What an Obama DOJ Gave Us, and What a Trump DOJ Could Take Away

The prospect of an Attorney General Jeff Sessions poses particular risks to Seattle.

Trump Is Going to Be President. Time to Organize.

Banding together on important issues is vital to opposing a destructive agenda. Here are the local groups you can connect with to make it happen.

What We Must Do Now

We must fight Trump. But we must also fight the two-party system that delivered him to power.

From Capitalism to Condos: What We’re Afraid of This Halloween

Who said the only thing to fear is fear itself?

Vote No On I-1501, and Stay Out of SEIU’s Spat With the Freedom Foundation

This measure is advertised as a way to protect seniors from fraud. But it’s really about labor politics.

Vote Yes on I-1464 to Help Take Money Out of Politics

The measure would take Seattle’s novel publicly financed election model statewide.

Chris Reykdal Is the Right Choice for Superintendent of Public Instruction

The current state representative has the right style and vision to lead in a post-McCleary Washington.

Keep Patty Murray in the U.S. Senate

But before you fill out your ballot, take a moment to appreciate her Republican opponent.

Re-Elect Jay Inslee as Washington’s Governor

His first term has not been pretty, but the alternative is worse.

Send Nicole Macri to Olympia to Represent the 43rd

She has the hands-on experience to take on the district’s biggest challenges.

Send Pramila Jayapal to Represent Washington in the U.S. House

Now more than ever, Washington, D.C., needs her leadership.

Vote Yes on I-124 to Protect Seattle Hotel Workers

The initiative delivers much needed regulations to a grueling job.

Vote Yes on I-1491 to Help Take Guns From People At Risk of Hurting Themselves or Others

This is common sense gun legislation that constitutional scholars say stands up to scrutiny.

Vote Yes On I-732 to Start Addressing Climate Change NOW

No piece of legislation is perfect, but this measure would be a huge first step toward finally grappling with global warming.

Vote Yes on Sound Transit’s $54 Billion Plan

Proposition 1 is a big bite, but it’s a necessary one.

Vote Yes on State-wide Mandatory Sick Leave and a Higher Minimum Wage

The minimum wage should better reflect the cost-of-living in Washington.

The Endorsements

Our take on the 12 most important items on this year’s ballot—aside from, well, you know.

Denouncing Trump Is a Start, But Not a Finish

Republicans must confront the extremism that now dominates the party.

Climate Change Is a Priority, Not a Distraction

Republicans seem to be trying out a new way to avoid addressing global warming. Let’s make sure it fails.