Kelton Sears

The Best Local Records We Heard This June

Healing music after a godawful month.

G.L.O.S.S.’ New Record, ‘Trans Day of Revenge,’ Is a Case for Righteous Queer Rage

The Olympia hardcore band doesn’t ask for safe space, they demand it with knives and bricks.

The Treehouses of Western Washington

This summer, consider staying in one of Washington state’s many lofty lodges.

Taylor Dow’s ‘Apocalypse Dad’ Puts Masculinity in an Empty Wasteland

The new 44-page comic book from the Olympia-based cartoonist is their most affecting yet.

Words of Loss and Love Fill Cal Anderson Park During Vigil for Orlando Victims

A night of tears, hugging strangers, and calls for unity in the face of tragedy.

How Two Brothers From Silverdale Made The World’s Most Complex Video Game

At ten years old, Dwarf Fortress has become one of the most influential contemporary video games, and it’s only half finished.

The Elverum Family Seeking Donations After Inoperable Cancer Diagnosis

Geneviève Elverum, Anacortes musician, comic artist, new mom, and wife of Phil Elverum, needs help funding treatment for stage four pancreatic cancer.

The Top Five Northwest Acts You Need to Check Out This Festival Season

DoNormaal, JusMoni, Chanti Darling, The Dip, and Jo Passed.

Measuring the Homogenization of the Music Festival

Are music festivals truly all the same now? We crunched the data for 21 NW fests to find out.

The Best Local Records We Heard This May

Despite the onslaught of sad news this month, the local scene kept pumping out gold nuggets.

RAMZi on the Spirits, Cartoon SFX, and Healing Bird Noises Behind Her Alien Jungle Music

Phoebé Guillemot’s unclassifiable sonic universe is like a safari through a mutant forest.

In Its Ninth Iteration, Debacle Fest Expands ‘Experimental’

Given the silo-centric culture here in Seattle, the notion of uniting the city’s disparate scenes might also be considered “experimental”—an interesting new tack the festival is taking this weekend.

C.M. Ruiz Talks About Turning The Lusty Lady Into a Giant Gallery

The poster artist discusses his new show, changing Seattle, time travel, and feces.

The Best Local Records We Heard This April

Activist hip-hop, occult rap, and weirdo punk made our month.

The Leaked Bumbershoot Lineup Was the Real Deal

A Redditor named “CoogiMonster” beat AEG to the punch, but did it really even matter?

Spekulation Continues Local Hip-Hop’s Uncle Ike’s Resistance

“I don’t think Uncle Ike’s is the cause of the problem,” Watson notes, “but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a perfect metaphor.”

Hip-Hop Activist Draze on Uncle Ike’s, Community Justice, Political Rap, and Being a Dad

The clearest and most incisive recent critique of the capital forces changing the Central District came last week in the form of a seven-years-in-the-making hip-hop record, Seattle’s Own, from Central District native and current South-Ender Draze.

‘Encyclopedia Greenwoodia’ Gets Adults and Kids Alike Writing About a Neighborhood

“Mr. Gyros is as amazing as the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a place to eat.”

Seattle Comics Gangs Unite at ECCC Alternative ‘Hometown Heroes’

Emerald City Comicon’s corporate takeover inspired local creators to start their own Seattle-centric event as an antidote—the result is a who’s-who of the city’s booming scene.