Kelton Sears

Seattle Comics Journalist Sarah Glidden’s New Graphic Novel Isn’t Afraid to Admit Journalism Is Weird

‘Rolling Blackouts’ follows the author and her peers at ‘The Globalist’ through Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.

The Best Local Records We Heard This September Found Power in Simplicity

J’Von, Freaks of Nature, CC Dust, and Swooning stood out by paring it down.

On His New Solo Record, ‘Leavings,’ Seattle MC Tay Sean Asks Us to Evolve

Featuring cosmic funk, outré hip-hop, and a cosmology equal parts Carl Sagan and Carl Jung.

The Little Camera Shop That Grew With Its Neighborhood

Challenged by an industry and a neighborhood in constant flux, Glazer’s Camera widens its scope.

With HEAT Records, Seattle’s Getting Spicier

The young imprint showcases local underground club producers with a penchant for bodied bangers.

Clyde Petersen’s ‘Torrey Pines’ Is a Fascinating Work of Ambient Animation

The Seattle animator’s debut feature-length film is trippy, hilarious, and strangely meditative.

To Understand the Best Local Records this Month, Look North and South

Context for these albums lie outside Seattle’s core, up and down the Salish Sea.

Luna God’s ‘LGEP 2’ Is a Brilliant Showcase for Seattle’s Promising Hip-Hop Up-and-Comers

Each of the producer’s inventive tracks playfully highlights the vocalists’ unique strengths.

Monkeying Around on the Jungle Gym

Seattle’s newest house and techno label found international success by diddling around.

Pete Bagge Speaks to the Racial and Sexist Tensions Undergirding His Early Comic Series ‘Neat Stuff’

From 1985 to 1989, the local legend’s Fantagraphics series walked a fine satirical line.

Charting Your Next Nautical Adventure on Lake Washington

Best Staycation: Boating on Lake Washington

The Bad Jokes and Rad Perks of Sub Pop

Best Place to Work: Sub Pop Records

The Best Local Records We Heard This July

Our favorites this month came from Seattleites grasping for distinct new sounds.

Surprise! Capitol Hill Block Party Was Fun

The much-maligned festival showed signs of life this year, thanks in part to subversive locals.

Seattle’s Michael Heck of Pity Party Studios Is the 13th Artist Zara Ripped Off This Summer

For the trendy Spanish clothing retailer, plagiarizing indie designers is super “in” this season.

Social Media in a Time of Crises

The power to spread awareness of injustice is an undeniable good. But how do we maintain our sanity as the bad news mounts?

‘BOOM’ Tackles the City’s Growing Pains Through Art

“We’re trying to show that this current wave of change is totally precedented.”

Seattle Weekly’s Art Walk Picks

Our First Thursday highlights, including giant paper heads, Japanese woodblocks and more.

Vats’ Post-Punk Paeans

The Seattle trio’s debut LP connects the dots between Northwest DIY’s origins and today.