The Slackers

Remember when ska was crazy popular, oh, about 12 years ago? The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were telling people all about the impressions they got, Reel Big Fish was selling out, and Gwen Stefani was still just a girl. That was the third wave of ska, and longtime ska fans—the ones loved the Wailers and the Skatalites in the 1960s – knew that someday this fad, just as 2 Tone did in the 1970s, would pass. They were right - it's been long time since a ska-punk record sold millions of copies, but the reggae- and jazz-influenced first-wavers, like New York's the Slackers, are still around. Since forming in 1991, the Slackers have released 12 albums, toured prolifically, and signed to Hellcat Records. Maybe that's because it takes effort to dislike the Slackers’ super laid-back, rocksteady sound, best showcased on 2006's Redlight. Like a well-tuned classic car, it'll always be in style. PAIGE RICHMOND

Fri., March 26, 8 p.m., 2010

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