Election Guide 2016

How Did Sound Transit Manage to Cut Years Off ST3’s Construction Schedule?

The change came amid public outcry. But managers insist they aren’t playing politics with the numbers.


Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff Answers the $54B Question

“There is no secret plan B sitting in a file drawer here.”


The Endorsements

Our take on the 12 most important items on this year’s ballot—aside from, well, you know.

The GOP Says Inslee Is a Terrible Governor. So Why Can’t They Beat Him?

How Trump and ‘donor fatigue’ set the Republicans up for a hard year in Washington.

The Lovers and Haters of ST3

ST3 is a massive plan, so there is a lot to love – and not love – about it. Meet the constituencies that have come out for and against the mass transit plan

How to Pretend to Move to Canada If So-and-So Becomes President

We call your bluff you hoser, but asked a Canadian to provide you a few pointers anyway.

How Seattle’s 43rd District Became a Bulwark for Gay Representation in Washington

Since 1987, the district has been represented by at least one gay person.