U.S. Sen. Patty Murray questions whether Biden should stay in race

‘President Biden must seriously consider the best way to preserve his incredible legacy’

Put down U.S. Sen. Patty Murray as another Democratic leader, including a few in Washington state, questioning whether President Joe Biden should stay in the presidential race.

Murray, D-Washington, released the following statement Monday, July 8 about the presidential election:

“More than a week since the debate, and after talking with my constituents, I believe President Biden must do more to demonstrate he can campaign strong enough to beat Donald Trump. There is such a case to be prosecuted against Donald Trump—President Biden has to lead the charge in making that case. With so much at stake, the American people need to understand what a serious threat a second Trump presidency would be to our democracy, our fundamental freedoms, and their livelihoods.

“Just as important, our nominee must be able to articulate what Democrats have accomplished and everything we will do to make life better for American families and protect their freedoms—like making child care affordable and accessible for parents everywhere and restoring abortion rights for women in all 50 states.

“I have a deep appreciation and strong respect for Joe, who has led a historic first term as president. Still, we need to see a much more forceful and energetic candidate on the campaign trail in the very near future in order for him to convince voters he is up to the job. At this critical time for our country, President Biden must seriously consider the best way to preserve his incredible legacy and secure it for the future.”

Smith wants Biden out

Earlier on July 8, U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Bellevue, called on Biden to end his reelection campaign.

In a statement, Smith, who represents the 9th District, said that it would be a “mistake” for Biden to continue with his campaign for president and that “no candidate is owed another term in office based solely on past performance,” referring to Biden’s “outstanding” first term in office.

Several Democratic leaders point to Biden’s poor performance in the presidential debate as his downfall and question whether he is mentally and physically fit to defeat Trump and return for a second term.

Biden described his performance in the debate as a “bad episode” in a July 5 interview with ABC.