Yesterday we gave you the Seven Worst Days for Seattle Sports in

Yesterday we gave you the Seven Worst Days for Seattle Sports in 2010, a list that was unsurprisingly top heavy with Mariners misadventures. Today we try to do the opposite: count down the best days for Seattle sports in the past year. And man was today’s list a lot harder to compile.1) Seattle Storm wins its second WNBA championship, September 16Undefeated at home. Undefeated in the playoffs. The most successful Seattle sport’s franchise of the decade, and it’s not even close.2) Felix Hernandez wins the Cy Young award, November 18This analogy for King Felix winning pitching’s highest honor has yet to be topped: it was like getting a brand new pair of shower sandals for the prison sentence that is being a Mariners fan. But still: what a pair of sandals!3) Seattle U Redhawks clinch winning season in return to D1 hoops, March 2Seattle’s U’s win over Portland State didn’t make many waves in the Seattle sports scene. But as editor Mike Seely pointed out, the 93-80 victory was an historic one: it marked the first time a school returning to Division 1 (and playing an all Division 1 schedule) had posted a winning record.4) Washington Huskies clinch first bowl game in eight years, December 4About fucking time.5) Sounders win second straight U.S. Open Cup title, October 6The high point of a season that, starting off, looked like it’d be the worst in franchise history. Annnnnnd…that’s it. Presumably, the Huskies have a chance to make this list again by winning their bowl game on the 30th. But, um, yeah. Probably not gonna happen.So here’s to a new, hopefully less shitty year in Seattle sports. May our home teams be at least 15 percent better, starting with the Seahawks becoming the first NFL team to make the playoffs with a losing record.