With nipples like these, Frizzelle should be editing The New Yorker.As the

With nipples like these, Frizzelle should be editing The New Yorker.As the Stranger’s obsession with the SF Weekly-Bay Guardian Seizuregate runs out of steam, editor-in-chief Christopher Frizzelle, who worked here until he got canned for leaking privileged information to his current employer, has passed the bitchiness baton to himself, crowing about the fact that we ran a cover story on pot legalization penned by a writer at our fine sister paper, LA Weekly.”You know what’s actually ‘damaging the prospects of hard-working journalists’?” writes Frizzelle. “Not hiring local journalists to write the feature stories in your local newspapers. The covers are slightly different, but they’re all the same article.”That’s an interesting take. Because you know who else does the exact same thing? The Stranger itself.Take, for example, Lindy West’s March cover story, “The Different Types of People That There Are.” It ran in the Stranger in March. August rolls around, and there it is again, in the Portland Mercury, a paper owned by the same folks who run the Stranger. Last I checked, Lindy West lived in Seattle, not Portland.But beyond that, which would you rather read: A story about the marijuana legalization movement that’s totally relevant to the state of Washington, or a piece of shit like this week’s Stranger cover story, an unintelligible quasi-spoof that comes to the riveting conclusion that Mike McGinn’s first 100 minutes in office were a failure? I’m all for mirth, Frizzelle, but give us a fuckin’ break. And please–please!–never let anyone photograph you stoned with your nipples bursting through a ribbed wife-beater ever again.