When the committee charged with picking the top 3 candidates for Seattle

When the committee charged with picking the top 3 candidates for Seattle police chief announced the finalists, Ann Kirkpatrick’s name wasn’t among them. But now that Sacramento chief Rick Braziel has withdrawn from the search, Spokane’s chief may be angling to get back in. That’s the scoop from Fox Q13, which has reported that Kirkpatrick sent an email to Mayor Mike McGinn asking to be reconsidered. And should McGinn opt for her, he won’t be the first Seattle mayor to choose a chief who wasn’t a finalist.Seattle Police Guild President Rich O’Neill says that it happened in 1994, under then-Mayor Norm Rice. Being dissatisfied with the search committee’s picks, O’Neill says, Rice reviewed the videotapes of each candidate’s interview and ultimately appointed someone who hadn’t made it into their top 3: Norm Stamper.Regardless of the precedent, O’Neill says that Kirkpatrick’s alleged renewed interest won’t alter the Guild’s recently announced recommendation of interim chief John Diaz. “Unless there’s an overwhelming need to go external, the hire should be internal,” he says. Meanwhile, the Mayor’s office has confirmed receiving the email, but declined to comment on its content. Kirkpatrick is even more tight-lipped. In a tersely worded statement, a spokesperson for Kirkpatrick says she’s “committed to her role as Chief of Police for Spokane; her status has not changed.”But if McGinn does end up seriously considering Kirkpatrick, it would mean that, like Rice, he’s dissatisfied with the choices he has left, despite his comments to the contrary.