When a man as self-serious as George Will thinks you’re being too

When a man as self-serious as George Will thinks you’re being too harsh, you know you’ve got problems.Yesterday, on one of the very serious Sunday talk shows where he’s a regular visitor, conservative columnist George Will dropped a bombshell. Will said that if the U.S. was serious about bankrupting violent Mexican drug cartels it would legalize marijuana.To give you an understanding of why this comment may give some politicos whiplash, let’s go all the way back to, well, April. It was then that Will, a man so humorless even 17th-century Puritans think he’s a little too uptight, spent 800 words railing against blue jeans. That’s right. Will is anti-denim, pro-doobie.So with even the bowtied Chairman of the WASP Party coming down in favor of the sticky icky, what’s City Attorney Tom Carr’s excuse?In an effort to unseat him, Carr’s challenger Pete Holmes has offered a guarantee: Under his supervision, the city attorney’s office will not charge another simple marijuana case.Carr says that he views pot cases as a low priority and is primarily concerned with open air drug markets, places where weed is rarely found. But he’s yet to match Holmes’ black-and-white soundbite. A fact that may explain why preliminary polls show him trailing his challenger.Surveys show a record number of Americans support decriminalization. And the nation’s top cop made headlines earlier this year by suggesting an end to the “War on Drugs” slogan. Carr may not see the middle of a re-election campaign as an opportune time to tweak his stance on pot. But should he be re-elected he’d be well served to remember: Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.