Usually we don’t do a whole lot of crime reporting on our

Usually we don’t do a whole lot of crime reporting on our Daily Weekly blog, but this one, well, it’s a doozy.

A 53-year-old Gig Harbor man named Leon Shaw was out on a big date Saturday night to a woman, 47, from Port Orchard, that he’d only known for a few hours. Anyway, the two love birds got to drinking like there was no tomorrow, and for Leon Shaw, well, there wasn’t.

So, according to Pierce County sheriff detectives, the couple, most likely in their cups, decided to pay a visit to the home of one of Shaw’s buddies. Once there, they continued drinking.

The woman, who is not being named because she has not been charged with a crime, asked Shaw’s friend, a tattoo artist, to tattoo her chest. Then, reports sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer, Shaw and his date got all intimate with each other – yep, while she was getting her tattoo. And then they began to argue.

As quarrelsome lovers three sheets to the wind are prone to do, the woman allegedly punched Shaw and he reportedly slapped her.

“The suspect then fled the residence wearing only a T-shirt and started up the victim’s truck,” Troyer said.

Poor old Leon Shaw rushed outside to see what in tarnation his date was doing. Moments later, Shaw’s friend came outside and found Leon dead as a doornail in the driveway.

The woman, reports the Tacoma New Tribune, crashed Shaw’s truck about a quarter-mile away from the home at 600 Cornwall Road Key Peninsula North in Lakebay, a small community in unincorporated Pierce County. She was trapped inside the vehicle when first responders arrived.

Pierce County sheriff’s detectives are trying figure out the details of a first date that ended early Sunday with Shaw and his date hospitalized in critical condition.

Investigators are not sure whether the woman ran down her date in his truck, deliberately or accidentally, before crashing the truck 15 feet down an embankment.

As of this morning, she had not been interviewed or arrested due to a medical condition.

“We still have some investigating to do,” Troyer said.