UPDATE: The woman is now down from the ledge. KOMO TV is

UPDATE: The woman is now down from the ledge. KOMO TV is identifying her as the victim in a sexual assault trial. Details below.If you’re wondering about all the police cars, fire trucks and spectators currently surrounding the King County Courthouse, look up. As of a few minutes ago, there was a young woman standing on the ledge poised to jump off.With long brown hair and appearing to be in her 20s, wearing a navy sweatshirt and skinny jeans, the woman has been there for about an hour, according to witnesses and Sgt. William Robertson. The sergeant said her identity is being kept confidential. Police negotiators were trying to talk her down, according to Robertson, although the officers couldn’t be seen from the street. At about 2:30, cheers broke out among some of the 100 or so spectators down below, and it seemed like she was backing away from the ledge. But then she found a different footing and started walking from the southwestern corner to the southeastern corner. She stopped and faced forward as if she were going to jump. “She’s done that a couple times,” says Larry Eiseman, who has been watching her the whole time, having been on his way to the courthouse when she appeared. But then she sat down, still facing the street, as if mulling over her next step. UPDATE: KOMO TV reports that the woman is the victim in a rape trial. “After her testimony was complete, she bolted from the courtroom and ran to the roof of the courthouse,” according to KOMO, who attributes the information to a source. Police spokesperson Mark Jamieson says he cannot confirm that information.As of around 4 p.m., according to Jamieson, the woman had moved from the courthouse to the top of a covered bridge that connects that building and the King County Administration Building a block away.UPDATE: The woman is now down from the ledge and has been taken into police custody.