UPDATE: Colton pleads guilty to a lesser charge in the Bahamas.Colton Harris-Moore

UPDATE: Colton pleads guilty to a lesser charge in the Bahamas.Colton Harris-Moore has been eluding police since walking away from a Renton juvenile detention facility two years ago. We profiled his post-escape airplane and boat stealing exploits last year. He’s since embarked on a cross-country crime-spree that culminated last week with him flying to the Bahamas in a stolen Cessna. Now a spokesperson for the Royal Bahamas Police Force says that the Barefoot Bandit, Washington state’s most famous fugitive, has been captured. Harris-Moore was arrested by police early this morning while attempting to flee in a stolen powerboat, reports the AP. He was reportedly shoeless at the time. Bahamian authorities have been tracking Harris-Moore since last week, after finding an airplane first reported stolen in Indiana crashed in the Bahamas just off Great Abaco island. Residents there began reporting Colton sightings soon afterward, and he’s suspected of committing a string of burglaries on the island. Harris-Moore is now being taken into custody and is awaiting transport to Nassau, the Bahamian capital city. Last week, federal prosecutors unsealed a criminal complaint against Harris-Moore. So, it might only be a matter of time before Harris-Moore is returned to Washington to face charges.UPDATE: At a press conference, Bahamian police said they caught Harris-Moore after a high-speed boat chase.UPDATE: Harris-Moore made a “quick” guilty plea to some minor offenses. He’ll now be extradited to the U.S. to presumably face some much more serious charges.In other news, know how I know that Harris-Moore has hit it big? Well, for one, there’s this e-mail in my inbox from Newsweek Russia requesting more info on the Barefoot Bandit. And then there’s this.I made it, Mama!