Things aren’t looking any better for Mayor Mike McGinn.A new poll by

Things aren’t looking any better for Mayor Mike McGinn.

A new poll by Public Policy Polling shows him trailing challenger Sen. Ed Murray by 24 points, 28-52. This is the second poll to show him trailing Murray by more than 20 points. Another 20 percent of voters are undecided, but with an approval rating of about 30, it seems unlikely that McGinn’s going to grab enough of the undecided vote to prevail. Head over to for the full survey.

And be sure to read Ellis E. Conklin’s excellent dissection of what went wrong in the McGinn campaign.

Here’s a choice cut:

“Licata said he can’t remember the last time five council members – in this case, Tim Burgess, Sally Clark, Bruce Harrell, Tom Rasmussen and Jean Godden – publicly spurned an incumbent mayor. ‘You’d have to go back 40 years.’”