The Seattle Police Department’s latest initiative to return bikes to their proper

The Seattle Police Department’s latest initiative to return bikes to their proper owners is giving the world more than just bike justice.

It all started when SPD unveiled a new Twitter account called @Getyourbikeback, which will tweet out descriptions of the 500 “found” bikes in the department’s evidence warehouse. Whether you’ve got a serial number, a receipt, a picture, or just a description of the scratch from when you crashed into that cabbage cart, the new program gives Seattleites a pretty good shot at getting their bike back.

But SPD, being the experts at Twitter that they are, really upped the ante when they shared what they originally wanted the program to be called: @Babygotbike. Unfortunately, they joked, Sir Mix-A-Lot had sent a cease and desist order.

To which the great Mix replied via the magic of Twitter: “no way I would do that to SPD. I like fast cars…wink wink.”

And thus, one of the best conversations on Twitter in recent memory began.

SPD replied “Anytime you want to do a ride-along with us, Mix, just let us know! #PatrollingOnBroadway,” which got the rapper quite excited. Apparently Mix hopes to answer a domestic violence call so he can “slap the mess out of a wife beater? Yesss.”

Of course, SPD was quick to nip this in the bud with a cordial “please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.”

But it’s OK, because Sir Mix has a plan: “company guidelines. You could act as if you’re holding me back. Then let me break his jaw.”

The conversation even sparked a follow-up question about whether or not you had to be a famous ‘90s rapper to get a ride-along, to which the SPD pointed folks to their website for the community police academy.

So all’s well that ends well. SPD managed to educate citizens on not one but two programs to look out for, with pizzazz to boot. Just another triumph for social media from the snarky department that’s still unverified, but looking for love.