The Pet Lady


While I generally think you provide quite eloquent and perhaps somewhat verbose answers in your dear column, I feel there were a couple of points you missed in your answer to the woman with the lovely tile floors who inquired about the issue of sacks in which to dispose of her beloved pet’s poo [The Pet Lady, April 11].

First, it would have been a show of concern for the letter writer, and a chance to re-educate your devoted reading audience, [to remind the dear readers] that we should all be eating a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I find that with adequate shopping on my part, keeping in mind the Surgeon General’s dietary recommendations, I have plenty of used produce sacks in which to scoop the poo of both of my beloved pooches.

Second, if the dear letter writer perhaps prefers frozen vegetables, or canned fruit, or even perhaps eats away from her domicile the majority of the time, which would clearly limit her supply of used sacks, she would more than likely have a neighbor or friend or acquaintance who has a bag of bags wedged in the bottom of some drawer in their kitchen. My guess is that if she politely put the word out that she was in need of sacks, she would be able to gather donations aplenty.

Third, and alas lastly, as a volunteer and financial supporter of the group that maintains the dog park at Marymoor Park in Redmond [etc., etc.—Eds.]. . . I hate to think about my donation being used to purchase bags that are taken in great numbers to be used elsewhere.

In kindness and health and stylish flooring for all,

A Dog Mom


The Pet Lady would like to gently point out that your deeming the P.L. “somewhat verbose” puts you firmly in the realm of Pot to the P.L.’s Kettle, dear A.D.M. The P.L. would further like to gently point out that she did indeed suggest that L.A.R.A. turn to her neighbors in the bag matter; and, in addition, that the best vegetable of them all, the pimento-stuffed green olive, comes in a martini glass, which is not ideal for the (horrors) scooping of poo. Best to you,

The Pet Lady


The best poop bags around come from Intelligent Products, Inc. (, 800-697-6084). Mutt Mitts are degradable and $55 for 800 (that’s less than seven cents a handful). Let L.A.R.A. know. Check it out!

Mutt Mitt Fan


For whom it may concern, the Pet Secretary was kind enough to excerpt the following from the promotional materials of the Mutt Mitt people: “We call Mutt Mitts ‘the pet pollution solution,’ because they are a clean, inexpensive, and safe way of dealing with dog waste. . . . the Mutt Mitt has a two-ply pouch that makes it easy to pick up the waste without getting too familiar with it. . . . Plastic bags may break (yuck), or, if they stay intact, they may be preserved in the landfill to provide little poop pi�s for your grandchildren.” The Pet Lady is really quite too horrified to continue exploration of this subject; your image of the “handful,” dear M.M.F., as well as that of the “poop pi�s,” has given her the vapors, and she must recline with a restorative beverage. Best and cheers,

The Pet Lady

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