The fine folks at the Washington State Ferries aren’t the only ones

The fine folks at the Washington State Ferries aren’t the only ones who think this week’s cover art is in bad taste. Putting Patty Murray in a meat suit has apparently brought out the angry-townsperson-with-a-pitchfork in a lot of our readers. Let’s hear from one, shall we?Janet Way registered her disgust in the comments section of the story itself (“Patty Murray: The Naked Truth”). Hit us with some outrage, Janet!This is the most sexist and repulsive image I’ve seen on local media in a long time. I cannot believe your organization thought this illustration was in any way appropriate. You may say, “Well we’re just illustrating a point”, but even your subtitles are repulsive. “Pork Patty” is perjorative enough alone without the image. But “meat” all over a woman, particularly a United States Senator?! What were you thinking? Portraying ANY woman this way would be offensive. But especially one who has fought so hard for women’s rights, women in the military and every other walk of life. Would you like your wives or girlfriends, daughters or sisters portrayed this way? Would women on the staff at the weekly like to be portrayed this way? This is not journalism, it’s sensationalism. The Weekly should be ashamed of itself.Wow, that’s some pretty decent outrage. Worthy of a guest spot on Crossfire, God rest its soul.And to your last question? The one about women on staff being offended? I’ll let our art director Boo Davis — as in, not a dude — field that one: “You can mention that the art director is vegan and still thought it was a fucking hilarious idea.”Issue: settled! All women: not offended! Now who’s hungry?