The dead

Inquests, Seattle Police Department, King County Sheriff and suburban police shootings and custody deaths, 1989-1999 (ALL JUSTIFIED)

Seattle Police Department-related deaths, 1989-1999

Michael Ealy 35 black male 12/29/98 restrained—unintentional $1 million-plus claim Justified
Bodegard Mitchell 84 black male 9/30/96 shot during police standoff—self-defense   Justified
Edward Anderson 28 black male 1/15/96 shot giving up—accidental $1.5 million claim Justified
Andre R. Stapleton 33 black male 9/1/96 restrained, on drugs during arrest—unintentional   Justified
Antonio S. Dunsmore 31 Filipino male 4/22/95 shot unarmed—self-defense $7,500 settlement Justified
Dennis W. Bowerman 50 white male 10/8/93 shot during bank robbery—fleeing felon   Justified
Roger C. Lawhorne 25 white male 4/30/93 shot after armed robbery—fleeing felon   Justified
Kurt Ridener 34 white male 12/20/92 shot when pointing gun at cop—self-defense   Justified
John B. McDonald 70 white male 2/28/92 shot after menacing with knife—self-defense   Justified
Anthony N. Lyons 24 black male 2/21/92 shot after robbery at stakeout—self-defense   Justified
Simmavong 20 Asian male 12/25/90 shot in confrontation—self defense   Justified
Dennis Tiles 38 white male 9/8/89 shot during drug raid—self-defense   Justified

King County Sheriff and suburban police shootings and custody deaths, 1989-1999 (ALL JUSTIFIED)

Lonnie Davis, 21, shot in Shoreline standoff with county police May 30, 1999, after allegedly killing three in crime spree.

Max Martinez, 40, shot in standoff with Federal Way police March 13, 1999, after officer mistakenly thought Martinez fired first. Claim pending.

Charles Rawson, ran from county jail officers Feb. 12, 1999, and fell two stories to his death in an apparent suicide.

Mark O. Arntsen, 34, died Oct. 24, 1998, of blood clot in Kent jail.

John Henry Ashley, 49, died Sept. 10, 1998, in Kent jail of a stroke possibly related to drug addiction.

Ashley Shaddox, 14, hanged self at Echo Glenn Children’s Center, March 1, 1998, after alleged abuse by staff. Claim pending.

Sandra Harms, 39, hanged self Jan. 6, 1998, in Auburn jail that violated suicide prevention policies; no one held responsible.

Robert Guy Jr., 20, died of acute cocaine intoxication at King County jail Dec. 31, 1997, while strapped to restraint board.

Tama T. Ava, 43, died after struggle with Federal Way and county police Dec. 20, 1996; family suing for $5.5 million.

James Wren, 35, shot by county police officer Mathias Bachmeier Aug. 10, 1996 (no inquest held; Bachmeier found guilty of murder in criminal trial). Lawsuit seeking up to $10 million being settled by county.

Ronald Nicklas, 31, hanged self in King County jail June 20, 1996, while jailers were on suicide watch.

Amy Edgington, 41, hanged self May 26, 1996 in Auburn after jailers took her off suicide watch.

Michael Dries, 38, wanted on warrant, shot by state trooper in Bellevue, Jan. 27, 1996, after fleeing and pulling knife.

Gordon Haag, 37, hanged self Oct. 15, 1995, in King County jail; guards did not check cell regularly, but jury found no one responsible.

John Michael Porter, 43, shot during drug raid by Auburn police, March 10, 1995. Lawsuit pending.

Ernesto Mata, 17, died in shootout with Bellevue police Dec. 19, 1994, after high-speed chase.

Kai M. Blesko, 24, shot Nov. 23, 1994, as he fled altercation with county sheriff’s deputy in Kent, drove self to hospital and died.

Shawn Cottrell, 19, shot seven times while pointing gun at county officers during drug raid March 31, 1994, in Federal Way.

William Melanson Jr., 24, killed by Kent police Jan. 25, 1994, after allegedly trying to run over officers; was shot a dozen times.

Adelino Chevez, 36, hanged self in Kent jail Dec. 22, 1993.

Stephen Marthaller, 36, armed with BB gun during Redmond robbery December 15, 1993, shot by county detectives.

Antonio Jackson, 25, died Dec. 14, 1993, as result of neck hold, subdued by Federal Way Safeway store manager and clerk, two bystanders, and two county officers after being suspected of shoplifting cigarettes (none were found). Federal jury later cleared officers and found Safeway workers negligent, but supermarket chain settled lawsuit earlier.

Anthony Scontrino, 17, jumped to his death at Snoqualmie Falls July 3, 1992, pursued by state trooper for speeding.

Steven Smith, 32, shot Aug. 29, 1991, by state trooper after struggle following pursuit for speeding.

Alvin Euell, 33, died after swallowing plastic bag filled with marijuana while being chased by Auburn police June 11, 1991.

Rodney Ray Anderson, 32, sought for disturbance at restaurant, drowned in Echo Lake during chase by county police Oct. 18, 1990.

Michael Irons, hanged self in county jail Sept. 15, 1990.

Donald Marean, 61, died in county jail infirmary Sept. 20, 1990.

Sidney Leff, 30, died March 15, 1990, in King County jail due to alcohol and drug complications; lax observation by jailers contributed to death.

David Zaback, 33, killed by Renton police Feb. 3, 1990, during attempted robbery.

Brian Hull, 21, died Jan. 18, 1990, of ruptured appendix while in King County jail. County paid mother $322,500 settlement.

Samuel Johnson, 41, shot in the back of the neck by Auburn Police officer Dec. 14, 1989. City paid $150,000 settlement.

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