That would be $760 bucks on eBay. As we reported last week,

That would be $760 bucks on eBay. As we reported last week, Tim Eyman had put the award up for auction in order to raise some extra jingle money for his latest initiative, I-1033 to lower property taxes. His supporters still have 90 days to collect enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot.The winning bidder was Mark Baerwaldt of Seattle. Baerwaldt, for those political junkies who need to know, sunk a bit of coin opposing Proposition 1, the Roads-and-Transit Initiative back in 2007. According to the Seattle Times he was once a supporter of the Seattle Monorail plan.Eyman said, on the phone this evening, he hasn’t spoken with Baerwaldt yet about the other part of the winning bid, a dinner date with him and his supporters. A connoisseur of the Wesley Snipes/Woody Harrelson movie “White Men Can’t Jump”, he appreciated the Seattle Weekly’s advice about going to Sizzler. But final plans haven’t been formalized yet.Update: Apparently after some strong-arm after-hours negotiations, the Schrammie has been sold again for the higher price of $800 to Dagney Lord of Sequim. Forget investing in the Stock Market or in gold bullion. With the appreciation of Schrammies, they have the potential to be the basis of the new economic recovery.