Thanks to West Seattle Blog for reminding us that just over a

Thanks to West Seattle Blog for reminding us that just over a year ago, on September 22nd, 2008, Nickelsville officially came into existence. So happy birthday, Nickelsville! In case you don’t remember, it’s the homeless encampment that was intended to be a self-contained city of sorts, a stationary challenge to the perceived lack of effort by its namesake, Greg Nickels, and other elected officials to address the problem of homelessness. (Read Aimee Curl’s excellent cover story on the lead-up to its creation. And check out this video of its first day.)Well, it’s hardly been stationary, getting bounced around from site to site. And though it’s currently camped out on Port of Seattle property (Terminal 107) in West Seattle, the Port says it’s going to give ’em the boot at the end of the month. The Nickelodeons say they won’t move without a permanent location, though some Nickelodeons plan to sleep on the sidewalks in front of the homes of local officials as a protest.Before that, though, is a birthday bash: Saturday will feature “hamburgers, hot dogs, Leslie’s Nickelsville Birthday Cake, Peggy’s 18 Minute Video of the Highs and Lows of Nickelsville’s first year, music from our many friends and etc.” Festivities begin at 3 PM–at Nickelsville, of course.