Summer Drinks

The drink: Iced Coffee with a Kick—One flask. Two shots Vivace espresso. Add ice, one sugar cube, one shot either brandy and amaretto (Italian), whiskey (Irish), tequila (Mexican), or dark rum and T��Maria. You’re jacked with a buzz, baby.

The place: Vivace’s Sidewalk Caf頨321 E Broadway)—Vivace has the best coffee in town, bar none. Their coffee, typically poured by barista pros into smooth, creamy cappuccinos with flowery designs, can also be poured over ice, allowing you the pleasure of a wacky, wired summer delight. The sidewalk cafe has a limited number of umbrella-shaded seats, allowing the lucky few who hunker down the best freak-watching show in town (and I mean that in a piercing-friendly, tattoo-loving kinda way).

The drink: Camlin Cosmo—One shot vodka, shot cranberry, shot Rose’s lime juice, shot Triple Sec. Muddle. Strain into large martini glass. Enjoy.

The place: The Cloud Room (1619 Ninth, 682-0100)—The downtown summer terrace you don’t have awaits you at the top of the Camlin Hotel, with smashing views under the towering exit-sign green lettering. The patio outside the fabulous Cloud Room has always been a place to flee the schmaltzy piano music inside and light up your favorite smoking device. Hurry and grab a seat on the veranda this summer, as new ownership threatens to cap the 73-year-old hotel, forever changing one of our great urban outdoor drinking spots.

The drink: Herradura Pina Colada—From Patrick, the bar manager. Two shots Herradura tequila. Add creme of coconut, a splash of pineapple juice, and serve over crushed ice in a large highball glass. Garnish with fresh pineapple.

The place: Sapphire (1625 Queen Anne, 281-1931)—This is not my beautiful wife. This is not my beautiful hood! What the hell is happening? Here’s a wild, hep lounge within whose lusty blue walls stiff cocktails come your way. Cool cats bearing cell phones now make the long trek from the Paragon and Kirkland, sipping ‘tinis while raising eyebrows and real estate values. Let the summertime frivolity begin!

The drink: Caribbean Kazi—From barkeep Shane: One shot Malibu rum. One jigger blue cura硯. Add a splash of pineapple juice. Add an ounce of orange juice, an ounce of lime juice. Serve on the rocks.

The place: Salty’s on Alki (1936 Harbor SW, 937-1600)—Imagine a shimmering Emerald City, picture-postcard pretty, smack-dab on the water, with a knight-white ferry system shuttling its citizens to and fro. Now take a step back from this metropolitan gem, just far enough to watch the boat traffic and feel the pulse of the Big Town at a safe, comfortable distance. Now imagine a friendly place with a hotel-chain feel, cushy chairs, a fireplace-laden lounge, and chipper servers at your beck and call. Go there.