Someone hides in your bushes and shoots your parent, spouse, or child

Someone hides in your bushes and shoots your parent, spouse, or child to death, fleeing into the night. You know that somewhere, that man or woman returns home, maybe sweaty from fleeing or with mud-caked shoes. Maybe someone they live with notices and gets suspicious. You pray that person contacts the police.Ten years later, they haven’t. But it’s not too late.Since launching a major PR push two weeks ago, the FBI has new leads in the murder of federal prosecutor Thomas Wales, according to a spokesperson, and the agency is pleading with the public to send all tips its way. For those whose moral conviction falters, there’s also the promise of a $1 million reward.”We have received a number of tips that the agents and task-force officers are looking at in addition to the investigative leads that they were already pursuing,” said Beth Anne Steele, an FBI spokesperson based in Portland. Steele said she couldn’t release the number of tips.People should watch out for suspicious behavior prompted by the media attention the case has received in recent weeks, she said. Via Steele:Perhaps they have suddenly made or re-established contacts with associates they haven’t spoken to in years? Perhaps they made unscheduled or unexplained trips somewhere? Perhaps they have become overly interested in media coverage related to the case? If so, we’d certainly encourage those people who’ve observed those behaviors to call in.Tipsters can contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI, at, or at the following address: FBI-Thomas Wales, P.O. Box 2755, Seattle, Wa. 98111.Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.