Shane McClellan was walking home around 2 a.m. in West Seattle on

Shane McClellan was walking home around 2 a.m. in West Seattle on the night of May 25 when two men asked him for a light. When he approached them, the 16-year-old was knocked to the ground, tortured and beaten for four hours. Now his dad wants to know why police haven’t yet made an arrest, even though they found two suspects who matched McClellan’s description of his attackers with blood on their hands hours after the assault.McLellan didn’t just get beaten. According to a police report, the two attackers, one black and one Filipino, also put out cigarettes on his neck, poured beer and peed on him and whipped him with his belt while saying “How do you like it, white boy?” and “This is for enslaving our people.”Police are investigating the beating, which left McClellan with a concussion and a near unrecognizable face, as a hate crime. And they have two pretty decent suspects.After McClellan arrived at the hospital that night, police took a description and went out to where he said he got beat. There an officer collected empty beer cans and cigarette butts and noticed blood on the ground.McClellan passed out after getting hit in the face. When he woke up this is what he looked like.Driving back to the precinct, the same officer saw the two men trying to hide the fact that they were drinking in public. The brand of beer was the same. As were the cigarettes. And both men, literally, had blood on their hands. But instead of arresting them, the cop’s supervisor just told him to get good contact info and come back to the station. A week after the attack, two men matching the same description threatened to beat up a group of teens just a couple blocks from where McClellan himself got hurt. One of them, described as Asian, told the boys that he hated white people.”We just can’t understand why there haven’t been any arrests,” Shane’s father Tim told the Seattle Times. “It doesn’t seem right. I mean, the guys had my son’s blood on their hands.”Some readers have speculated that, beating or not, McClellan might not be telling the whole truth about what happened or why he was walking the streets late at night.McClellan’s character is also being called into question. On his MySpace page (profile picture above), he says he’s a raver known as Decoy. His brother Sean is apparently in prison. And if it were possible to get a contact high (or whatever it is you get from doing MDMA) you’d get it just by clicking on that link.Meanwhile, police aren’t saying much. Except to say that there’s more to the story than they can reveal right now. We’ll keep you posted.