Science has crunched the numbers, folks. And it would appear that the

Science has crunched the numbers, folks. And it would appear that the city of Seattle is in fact quite capable of supporting an NBA team. Who knew?We’re waiting patiently by the phones for an apology from Clay Bennett and Howard Schultz . . . The revelation, as reported by The Puget Sound Business Journal, comes from a team of researchers from On Numbers–a research service run by American City Business Journals.The researchers found that 22 U.S. and Canadian teams are financially capable of supporting an NBA team. They came to this conclusion by measuring the Total Personal Income (TPI) of each city’s residents. Apparently $34.2 billion in TPI is the threshold for whether a city is NBA-ready.Seattle’s TPI is a whopping $176.1 billion. And after taking out the cash required to support our professional football, baseball, and soccer teams, there is still a healthy $38.6 billion for basketball.While Schultz and Bennett still haven’t gotten back to us with that apology, SonicsGate producer and friend of the Weekly Adam Brown is more than happy to weigh in.”Seattle proved it is a viable market for the NBA by supporting our championship Seattle SuperSonics for 41 years, setting attendance records and breaking decibel meters during so many playoff runs,” Brown writes to Seattle Weekly. “These new numbers confirm what we already knew, and it motivates us to work even harder to restore Seattle’s basketball legacy. When you look at the history of fan support, on-court success, legendary players, and homegrown professional NBA talent, you could easily argue that Seattle is the best basketball city in the country. Fans here are hungry for the Sonics to return, and we see it every day as Sonicsgate continues to reach new people. We will continue leading the charge to bring back our Seattle SuperSonics.”We know you will, gents.Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.