Rent a room to a guy who assaults a woman who then

Rent a room to a guy who assaults a woman who then gets tasered by police and watch your rating plummet.Seattle Crime has the still hazy details of last night’s cop-involved fracas at a motel on Aurora Avenue. Seattle Police arrived at the Everspring Inn at around 9:15 p.m., where they confronted a 49-year-old man suspected of physically and sexually assaulting a young woman in a motel hallway. According to the official word from the SPD, the man refused to comply with their commands, then apparently tried to fight his way free. The officers who were already on scene called for backup to lend an assist. The more traditional methods of subduing suspects apparently failed, however. At some point, the suspect was tasered, though you won’t find mention of that in the SPD’s news release on the incident. Medics later arrived to treat several people for inhalation of pepper spray, and also to help remove the taser’s barbs from the suspect.After he was finally placed into custody, the suspect was taken to Harbor View Hospital on suspicion that he’d overdosed on some as of yet undisclosed drug. As of last night, he was listed as being in serious condition. A call placed to Harborview Hospital for an update was not immediately returned.