Police arrest Auburn man accused of trying to kidnap barista

The Auburn Police Department (APD) arrested a suspect Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 17) that they believe to be the person who tried to abduct a barista early Monday morning.

Security camera footage caught the suspect trying to pull the barista through a window with a device that appears to include a looped zip tie. The barista fought off the attacker, who then drove away.

“We arrested him at his home in Auburn,” Kolby Crossley, public information officer for the Auburn Police Department, said Tuesday. “We conducted a quick search of the vehicle and found evidence linking him to the scene.”

Police quickly got the word out that they were looking for a man with a distinct tattoo on his left forearm that appeared to read “Chevrolet.” And the public responded big time.

“The overwhelming support from the community was tremendous. They were a great help in identifying the suspect,” Crossley said.

The suspect had not been charged as of press time.