Wherefore and Wi-Fi

Seattle companies developing the wireless Internet are chasing new venture capital.

Which School Board candidate can replace a retiring millionaire?

"I HAD AN AGENDA, I shared that agenda with my colleagues, and I have not deviated from that agenda. In many respects, that agenda has… Continue reading

Whistle-blower’s trial

The lawyer who exposed the Cadillac judge faces the Supreme Court.

White Guard Black Guard

Racial tension in Washington State prisons isn't limited to the inmates. Some guards allege that the Department of Corrections is a 'White Regime' that tolerates racism — even Neo Nazis — within its ranks.

White House Hybrids

The Future of Hybrid Technology...Today!

White House, No House

Send listings two weeks in advance to info@seattleweekly.com. The History of Political Cartoons In its final week, this Bainbridge Public Library exhibit chronicles 250 years… Continue reading

White Independence Day

On July 4, while much of the country is celebrating that ancient, radical rant about all men being created equal, a Washington town will be… Continue reading

White Night

Meeting Vanna was just like Club Medusa, except for the bathrobe.

White noise

Even more than usual, there was a lot of nonsense in mainstream US media this year; silly stories from Florida dominated while important local and… Continue reading

Who can forget the ’90s?

Pretty much everyone it seems. (Instant Nostalgia issue)

Who cares?

In the age of the Internet and 24-hour cable news, does a newspaper strike matter?

Who is Jim McDermott?

When I moved back to Seattle in 1990, I was scoping out the local political scene at about the time that the US launched Desert… Continue reading

Who is this man?

Greg Nickels' take-charge behavior has shocked City Hall. But will he be able to get things done?

Who Killed Lesser Seattle?

Our boomtown has gotten too big for its britches.

Who Killed the Timber Task Force?

Weyerhaeuser has been an F.O.B. since 1980. Did that friendship involve the spiking of a timber theft investigation that might have embarassed both the northwest timber giant and the forest service?

Who Owns the Sonics?

They aren't saying.

Who pays for this party?

Taxpayers are on the hook for WTO corporate love-in.

Who REALLY Runs Seattle?

It's not a conspiracy... but to outsiders, the way Seattle's corporate and political establishments do business comes close. here's how it's done—and who does it.

Who Said It?

"The Seattle Mariners have captured the hearts and minds of our Northwest communities, which is entirely consistent with [our] mission and values."a) Microsoft founder Bill… Continue reading

  • Oct 9, 2006

Who Said It?

"Mistakes were made in communicating to the public and customers."a) Federal Communications Commission chair Michael Powell explaining why his plan to sell the nation's airwaves… Continue reading

  • Oct 9, 2006