Ms. Bad Hair.Too many bank robbers, not enough nicknames? The “Bad Hair

Ms. Bad Hair.Too many bank robbers, not enough nicknames? The “Bad Hair Babe” has struck again in the South Sound, increasing her bounty to a $5,000 reward. She is not to be confused, however, with the “Bad Hair Day Bandit,” the “Ponytail Bandit,” or, for that matter, that heavyset female Seattle bank robber with the distinct hairdo nicknamed “Attila the Bun.” All except the Bad Hair Babe have been caught, thanks in part to the nicknames given them by the FBI and local police to draw media and public interest. Last week, reporting there were 5,000 U.S. bank jobs last year, we mentioned Seattle’s foul-mouth 2010 “F-Bomb Bandit,” who was caught thanks to media reports. Likewise, it appears only a matter of time until someone fingers the Bad Hair Babe, who seems to have been captured in more poses than Tyra Banks.

The News Tribune

reports she hit just before 1 p.m. Saturday at the Wells Fargo in University Place. Investigators believe she’s responsible for 10 other bank robberies and attempted holdups since Dec. 22, from Redmond to Tumwater.In all the holdups, the robber handed the teller a note that demanded cash and said she had a weapon. She’s described as in her 30s, 5’5″ to 5’8″, with a medium to heavy build. She usually wears a zippered hooded sweatshirt, gloves, a black baseball hat, black-rimmed glasses, and a long (bad) wig.

Here’s also a gallery of Northwest robbers, some nicknamed for their getaway methods–the Inner Tube and the Wrangler bandits–and others for their odd attire–the Bikini and Bathrobe bandits. The most fashion-conscious, unlike our Barefoot Bandit, is Seattle’s Tootsie bandit–the gentleman who dressed like a lady.Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.