Lloyd Olson was allegedly using one of these as his personal peep

Lloyd Olson was allegedly using one of these as his personal peep show.If you took his word for it, you’d probably think that Lloyd Olson was just doing his job in April when he was observed twice fondling a patient’s breasts while preparing them for surgery. He’s an anesthesiologist–and, as he explained to investigators, the kind of medical doctor who upon hearing that a patient might have breast implants or other “abnormality” will conduct his own examination for “learning purposes.” Or it could be that he’s just a perv. The Department of Health has now suspended Olson’s medical license pending an investigation.According to charging papers, one of the alleged victims, a 30-year-old cancer patient, was being prepped for surgery when a witness allegedly heard Olson say “I wonder if she has breast implants?” Olson then allegedly fondled the woman for an estimated 2 minutes while she lay passed out on the operating table. He was observed later that same day allegedly conducting yet another impromptu breast exam. The alleged victim in this case was a 58-year-old woman. Having placed her under anesthesia, Olson allegedly decided to rule out whether she too had implants. Witnesses later told investigators that they observed Olson fondling the woman’s breasts with both hands. Elapsed time: an estimated 2 minutes. Olson later resigned his position after being questioned by hospital administration. Investigators say he then packed off to Colorado, where, according to his personal page on Vitals.com, he’s apparently found another job.Richland police later caught up with him via phone. Questioned about the incident, Olson admitted to investigators that he didn’t have a legitimate medical reason for conducting the exams, and that this was not the first time he’d done it.Officials at the Washington State Department of Department of Health have alerted their counterparts in Colorado of the investigation. And Olson’s case has now been referred to the Benton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review.