Last call?As reported by Seattle Crime, the state Liquor Control Board has

Last call?As reported by Seattle Crime, the state Liquor Control Board has declined to renew Woo Yong “Andy” Lee’s liquor license.Lee is the current owner of Angie’s Cocktails. Arguably the most controversial watering hole south of the Capitol Hill, it’s operated under at least the threat of closure since last year, when former City Attorney and Seattle nightlife boogeyman Tom Carr urged the Board to yank Lee’s license for a host of alleged violations of a signed Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA).

The move left some, including us, wondering whether Pete Holmes would be as aggressive in imposing GNA’s on bar owners once he took office. Now that Angie’s is one step closer to being shuttered, Holmes’ seems ready to answer. A spokesperson for the city attorney’s office now says that the use of GNA’s will continue, but only as a “preventative measure.”Holmes the candidate, you’ll remember, was championed by the city’s nightclub owners for his promise to be a less draconian in his role as keeper of the public safety than his predecessor. And while he never ruled out using GNAs, there were indications that his version would be less draconian than Carr’s. But that still couldn’t save Angie’s. “I think Pete would say that for Angie’s just ran out of time,” says Kimberly Mills, a spokesperson for the City Attorney’s office.Mills says that after Carr submitted his letter to the state liquor board, the city continued to work with Lee to alleviate the criminal activity that allegedly plagues the Columbia City bar. “But things just weren’t moving fast enough for us or for liquor control,” she explains.If Angie’s is going to survive, Lee will have to win his appeal of the Liquor Board’s decision. But for the owners of Seattle’s similarly troubled nightspots, the question of just much of a friend to the bar crowd Holmes is going to be seems to have been answered.