Kurt Lidtke may have watched “The Thomas Crown Affair” one too many

Kurt Lidtke may have watched “The Thomas Crown Affair” one too many times.Kurt Lidtke has apparently learned nothing. That’s the most obvious takeaway from today’s Department of Justice announcement that Lidtke, a one-time Seattle art dealer, has been arrested in connection to what investigators are calling a “conspiracy to sell stolen artwork.” You’ll remember Lidtke as the Pioneer Square art dealer who by 2007 had lost his eponymous gallery, reputation and freedom after it was found that he sold $340,000 worth of other people’s art, and then pocketed the money. Lidtke was arrested in Bozeman, Montana this morning, thus wrapping up a lengthy Federal Bureau of Investigation operation. According to the complaint, investigators allegedly found Lidtke and a Granite Falls couple, Jerry and Georgia Christy, in possession of “numerous” pieces of artwork, none of which they actually owned. According to charging papers, the stash included some pieces stolen from homes here in Seattle, and two by local artiste Morris Graves.Unfortunately, for Lidtke and his two co-conspirators, the buyer they’d allegedly lined up was an undercover FBI agent. Investigators allege that the trio were planning additional heists, plus a trip to Oregon to sell their ill-gotten-goods before agents moved in. Lidtke now faces charges of conspiracy to transport stolen property across state lines. He’s scheduled to make his first appearance in Montana district court today.