KOMOFriends say Allen Myron never gave any indication that things weren’t alright

KOMOFriends say Allen Myron never gave any indication that things weren’t alright at home.Allen Myron and his wife Sara had good jobs, four kids, an active church life and did missionary work in Jamaica and Nicaragua. Which are four of the reasons why the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and greater Gig Harbor are shocked after Myron shot and killed his in-laws, then himself late Friday night.The 49-year-old sheriff’s deputy was found dead inside his home after an hours-long stand-off with Tacoma police. Also in the house was the body of 70-year-old Monty Multanen, his father-in-law. Monty’s wife Sue, 68, was also shot, but managed to call 911 after crawling out of the house. She died later that evening at Harborview.Monty Multanen was a retired educator. His wife, Sue, a retired nurse.According to family members and internet postings found by The Seattle Times, Myron, a decorated 11-year member of the force, had been on disability leave for months because of a back injury. A family friend told the Times Myron had been forced to borrow money from Monty, and was especially depressed following the deaths of five of his fellow Pierce County deputies.Posting on online weight loss sites, wife Sara described a financial hole that was “consuming us” and a 24-year marriage that was “crumbling around me.” She also documented the ways in which Myron was making her attempts to diet that much more difficult.FacebookWife Sara, who struggled with her weight, described herself as “on this journey alone.”In a November posting found by the Times, Sara wrote: “In fact, I found one of my ‘before’ photos (from about 2 months ago) on his laptop — skewed like a funhouse mirror, then a derogatory comment below it. Hurts so much but at the same time I want to work things out.”Neither Sara, a personal chef, nor three of her kids were at home at the time of the murders. Her 15-year-old daughter and a friend were in the house when Myron barricaded himself in a bedroom loaded with weapons. But the girls were allowed to leave before he turned the gun on himself.”There was no indication that anything like this would happen,” a family friend told the Times. “I think it was a case of depression that got out of hand.”