Kasey Keller.Thanks to that couple and their two kids who got hopelessly

Kasey Keller.Thanks to that couple and their two kids who got hopelessly lost in a Massachusetts corn maze (and became the butt of jokes by late-night comedians), retiring Seattle Sounders goalie Kasey Keller–who will play his final regular-season home game tomorrow night at CenturyLink Field–is getting an unexpectedly a-mazing sendoff. His likeness is carved into a vast corn maze in Olympia, his hometown, which is pictured in

The New York Times today. The pic (below) accompanies a story describing the ordeal the lost couple went through at a similar maze in Danvers, Mass. (Though they were unknowingly only 25 feet from an exit, they couldn’t find a way out and were forced to call 911). The photo, besides making both the online and print editions of the Times, is also now bouncing around the Internet, a bit of a boost to the finale of Keller, retiring after 20 pro seasons. The Schilter Family Farm pic was released only a couple weeks ago, mainly to local media, after Keller’s profile, name, and the Sounders’ logo were carved into the maze. “It’s certainly a unique tribute and very fitting given this is my hometown and my family has known the Schilter family for years and years,” Keller said then.Not that Sounders fans needed more encouragement: Saturday’s match with San Jose is expected to draw more than 60,000, which would make it the largest crowd at a Major League Soccer game since 2007.Seattle Sounders FCSchilter Family Farm mazeFollow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.