Kacie Peterson was missing from her Washington home for three weeks.UPDATE: Police

Kacie Peterson was missing from her Washington home for three weeks.UPDATE: Police now say that Peterson emptied her bank account before going missing. Details after the jump…When an 18-year-old girl first showed up at the door of a Times Square shelter on October 9th she didn’t know her name, where she was from or how she’d gotten to New York City. The Kitsap County Sheriff’s office can now provide answers to two of those questions.Working with New York police, Kitsap officials have identified the mystery teen as Kacie Peterson of Hanville, Wa. Peterson, whose apparently had previous bouts of amnesia, was reported missing by her family on October 2nd. They’re now en route to New York to pick her up.When Peterson showed up to the shelter she was wearing tattered clothes and didn’t have I.D. Although she could tell Children’s Services the name of the main character of a fantasy fiction novel she was writing, she couldn’t tell them her own. Peterson’s father told the sheriff his daughter once disappeared from the family’s home. When she was found hours later she was lying on a creek bank and couldn’t explain how she’d gotten there.Police say the tip that broke the mystery came from an as-yet-unidentified caller. We’ll keep you posted when updates are available.UPDATE: Peterson drained her bank account of $400 when she found out her father was coming to visit.Investigators say that Peterson had moved out of her dad’s place in June to live with a friend of her deceased mother. When she found out her dad was coming to visit, she emptied her bank account and bought provisions at a WalMart. Peterson’s financial trail ended at a grocery store in Kingston where she left her bike.Authorities now say that it was a CNN viewer in Maryland who provided the crucial tip. That person’s name and relationship to Peterson still hasn’t been released.