It’s true that Tony Giles, the disgraced Seattle-area girls basketball coach, who

It’s true that Tony Giles, the disgraced Seattle-area girls basketball coach, who was recently convicted for using a dead child’s name on his ID to hide his criminal history, is heading back to prison. It’s also true that were it not for a police fuck-up, he’d likely be going there for much longer.The PI

reports Thursday evening that Giles (who was also convicted in 2005 of having sex with his teenage players) will be sentenced today to between two and three years in prison by a U.S. District Court judge on charges of aggravated identity theft. Essentially, he doctored his driver’s license, Social Security card and birth certificate to show the name of a dead child so he wouldn’t have to disclose that he’s a sex criminal and could still land a job with Boeing and live an otherwise normal life. When police got wind of the ID thieving, they staged a raid of Giles’ house. In it, they supposedly found a marijuana grow, photos of teenage girls, love letters to and from them and a video of Giles having sex with a 15-year-old former basketball player he coached. But since Renton Police’s search warrant failed to list how the cops knew that the home belonged to Giles, they couldn’t get a conviction on anything other than the ID theft.In court, Giles apologized for using a fake ID, but not seemingly for videotaping himself having sex with a minor. Per the PI: “I am so sorry I disrespected this innocent person by callously using his identity for my own purposes,” Giles wrote. “I am deeply sorry and apologize to the parents and family. … If this had been done to my son or grandson, I would have felt hurt, angry and disrespected beyond measure.”Prosecutors will get another crack at Giles early next year, however, when he faces accusations that he stalked one woman and tried to grab a different pregnant woman’s crotch.