It’s officially Bruce Lee Day!! #DoYouKnowBruce #SeattleStories @BruceLeeLegacy @SeaOfficeofArts @SeattleCouncil— The

It’s officially Bruce Lee Day!! #DoYouKnowBruce





— The Wing (@winglukemuseum) October 3, 2014

Happy Kung Fu Friday everyone—Oct. 3 is now officially Bruce Lee Day in Seattle.

The goofy dudes in Game of Death style tracksuits you see above are city councilmembers Nick Licata and Bruce Harrell alongside Office of Arts and Culture director Randy Engstrom, dressed up for the occassion. Mayor Ed Murray made the official declaration.

“Bruce Lee Day” was declared to honor the upcoming “Do You Know Bruce?” exhibit at the Wing Luke Museum, which looks back on the martial arts superstar’s origins in Seattle. The exhibit features poems, letters, training gear, and photos from Lee’s time in Seattle, as well as the original press kits from Fists of Fury, The Chinese Connection, Return of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, and Game of Death.

Even though he has long passed, Lee calls Seattle his permanent home—his tombstone, which rests next to his son’s, resides in Capitol Hill’s Lake View Cemetery: