It’s an old and, as of late, oft-occurring phenomenon. Student develops a

It’s an old and, as of late, oft-occurring phenomenon. Student develops a crush on a teacher. The teacher reciprocates. Then there’s some illicit sexual contact that ultimately leads to firings and police involvement. The case of Olga M. Donoro-Rodriquez follows that pattern, only it has a hint of international flair. The 36-year-old Friday Harbor Spanish instructor has been charged with having sex with one of her 18-year-old students. Up until April, Donoro-Rodriquez taught at the Spring Street International School in Friday Harbor. She came to the school, a private college prep school with less than 77 students, from Spain in 2008. As the San Juan Journal reports, one of her students developed a crush. Things escalated from there. In April, Donoro-Rodriquez and the student were allegedly seen by a group of four Spring Street students having sex inside her private cottage on the school grounds.The students informed their dorm director, who then notified Head of School Louis O’Prussack. Donoro-Rodriquez was brought in to answer questions about the allegations the next day. According to investigator reports, she initially denied to O’Prussack that she and the student had a relationship before finally admitting that the two had indeed had sex. Donoro-Rodriquez was fired from her position. Afterward the school contacted the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department and the Spanish consulate who transported her to Seattle. Donoro-Rodriquez has since returned to Spain, so its uncertain whether she’ll be back for the trial. Washington State law makes it illegal for a teacher to have sex with students who are under the age of 21. So, if she does ever return to the states, she’ll face charges of second-degree sexual misconduct with a minor.