If you like your murder suspects with a side of remorse, you’re

If you like your murder suspects with a side of remorse, you’re not going to like Gary Sturdevant. The 42-year-old Everett man suspected of stabbing his wife’s new boyfriend to death allegedly told police of the crime, “It felt fucking awesome.” Sturdevant’s story begins shortly after he ended his most recent jail sentence. A criminal with a lengthy rap sheet including charges for DUI and domestic violence, he’d just served six months for theft when he arrived home to find another man living with his wife.Sturdevant and his wife had reportedly been married for 25 years. And he wasn’t thrilled that she’d made a unilateral decision to move on.He told police that he was enraged that another man’s stuff was in his house. He also said he’d heard rumors that the new boyfriend had molested his 4-year-old daughter.The Ebey Island home where Sturdevant allegedly killed his wife’s boyfriend.Late Sunday night, Sturdevant says he got someone to drive him to the couple’s Ebey Island home. He told police he was sharpening a knife during the trip, giving extra ammo to any future prosecutor who might want to claim the crime was pre-meditated.Once at the house, Sturdevant says he found his wife’s new boyfriend in the backyard, burning copper wire. According to Sturdevant, the two men fought. Then he fatally stabbed the boyfriend in the neck and dragged his lifeless body behind some nearby bushes. After the murder, court documents say that Sturdevant returned to his mother’s house, where he’d been staying since leaving jail, in tears, reportedly telling her that no one should hurt his kids. When officers arrived later to arrest him he answered the door and allegedly said, “I did it. I killed him.”As if a confession weren’t enough, court documents indicate that Sturdevant wasn’t done talking. While in the back of a squad car, he reportedly said, “I’m gonna plead guilty to this shit.” And, “It felt awesome to have him gurgling in his own blood.” He also allegedly expressed regret for not spending more time torturing his victim.Sturdevant is now in a Snohomish County jail, held for investigation of first-degree murder.